Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Follow Up for February Fitness

I was going to post updates on my February Fitness but then I got sick and things all kind of went to....well, you know. I did finish my goal though. With the exception of the day I got my root canal at the beginning of the month, I had at least 30 minutes of physical activity 28 of the 29 days this past month!

I am hoping to keep it up in March. I haven't worked out every day, but I have got it in when I can. Due to my cold, I wasn't able to hit as many Zumba classes near the end of the month as I was doing at the beginning of the month, but we'll get back on a good schedule.

I also am down 4 lbs! Well, I was down 4 lbs in the middle of February but I haven't weighed in since. I am hoping to in the next week or so, so hopefully I will have more good news.

So other than the working out and weight loss, I just got back from a scrapbook retreat with friends. I am going to be taking a few photos of the layouts I made and posting them here over the weekend, so make sure to check back for those.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am FINALLY past this cold that has been kicking my butt for almost the last 3 weeks and it feels good. Have a good rest of the week!

Peace out *g*

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