Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Few Quick Peeks

Whew! It is almost the end of the work week, and let me tell you, I am READY! I don't have any real plans for the weekend, beyond making cards and watching the movies I got from Netflix, but I am looking forward to it none the less. I start my new (old) part time job next week and then start off a whirlwind of birthday celebrations/scrapbooking events/other fun spring things that will carry me well into May.

I plan on updating the Etsy shop over the weekend or early next week (haven't decided which yet, but watch this space for once I do), but I wanted to share a few sneak peeks of some of the new cards I have been working on.

While I enjoy making cards for various holidays, it is always fun to just make some for some basic celebrations or some just because. This is a great time of year as we are in between card giving holidays, at least for a few months, and I get a chance to work on some ideas I have had on the back burner.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and don't forget to enter my spring giveaway here which runs until tomorrow night at midnight!

Peace out *g*

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