Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring is at my door (and could be at yours!)

While old man winter can't seem to just let this year go (we woke up to a fresh layer of snow this morning), I am over it and getting on with spring, whether the weather agrees or not.

I went out shopping with my mom last week, something I hadn't done in quite sometime, and enjoyed getting to pick up some new things for the coming months, and I thought I would share some of my favorites for spring with you.

NARS new Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil

I picked out New Lover for myself. 

While the colors may seem intense, they go on very sheer and just give your lips a nice glossy look. It's also not one of those overly-sticky glossy feelings either, which are always a bad thing.

I had been painting my nails all sorts of dark shades during winter. Browns, reds, grays, well, you get the idea. I was ready to break out the pastels and Revlon has some of the prettiest shades for spring. 

The one on the left is Gum Drop (and was scored at CVS for an awesome deal this week) and the one on the right is Minted and the color that I am currently wearing. 

I am a self-admitted junky when it comes to Bath and Body Works. I only go in when there is a really good sale, like buy 3 get 3 free, but I'll usually make a couple trips. While I love the scents I get there, I can't help but feel like Victoria's Secret doesn't get much love for their scents, and they have one of my all time favorites, especially for spring. 

While Bath and Body can be a little heavy on the "fruit" or "flower" smell in their scents, this is just the right mixture of floral and is very light and delicate smelling. It is from their Secret Moments collection and is called Girls Night. It is also usually offered for a really good deal, sometimes even better than the deals at Bath and Body, and I am all about the deals. 

Circling back around to NARS, I also picked up a new duo eyeshadow from them that I really wasn't sure about at first.

The color is called Sugarland and it is more purple in person, which made me a little nervous. I had been told that purple is a good color for bringing out blue eyes, though, and figured I would give it a go. I LOVE it! It is sheer enough so it doesn't look I walked straight out of 1987 (not that I would be complaining) and it really does bring out my eyes more. 

The last thing I want to share I don't actually have yet. I've made several hints that they would make a nice gift for my birthday at the end of the month, but I might just have to snag them up before than as a treat to myself. I'm not sure I can wait!
They are Sperry Top-Siders 'Angelfish' in gold and I am in love. They actually look more silver in person. I thought they would be the perfect fun pair of shoes for spring.

Now, that you have gone through this list with me, I have something for you! I will be giving away some of my favorite things for spring! Here is what you will win:

- a bottle of Revlon Minted and Gum Drop.
- a bottle of Girls Night body lotion for the Victoria's Secret 'Secret Moments' collection.
- a $25 gift card to Sephora to get one of the NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils, one of the eye duos, or maybe something else fun!

To enter, leave a comment here and tell me one of your favorite things for spring. The giveaway will run until midnight EST March 11th. Good Luck!

Peace out *g*


  1. Eeeep so fun! I love mint polish.. I wear sephora teeny bikini, when I'm not wearing Zoya raven.

    Such a fun giveaway!!

    I'll go tweet it for you :)

  2. My favorite thing for spring is wearing pastel colors! Pastel dresses, cardigans, nailpolishes, etc. Thanks for a fun giveaway!!! xoxo


  3. Thanks for the giveaway. My favorite thing for spring is wearing skirts!!!

  4. Cool giveaway CT... I have to say as a non-shopper (as you know)... my favorite things for spring is open windows for fresh air, warm sunshine and crocuses, or is that croci? LOL And I love short sleeves, sandals and breezy clothing. :)

  5. Great!
    Flowery bright dress and Catrice scream peach polish are great things for spring. :)

  6. clothes in bright shades and flip flops are my spring items.
    shadab_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in

  7. Oh, holy night, I love all your choices!!! What a great start on spring. I love how you said you were getting on with spring whether the weather agreed or not...I think I shall do the same...although no snow in my part of the world. I'm just ready for it to be above 50 degrees....

  8. Oh, what an amazing prize!! I have blue eyes too and LOVE to wear purple eyeshadow. Love all your picks... you have great taste!

  9. Pretty cool things your choosen!!! Im simply crazy by those nail polishes! we're still on summer down here so i hope to see them by September (our spring!) kkkkkkk
    During spring i love to wear flowers accessories.......and those cute nail polishes ;)

  10. my favorite thing for spring is scarves!! i think they're the perfect accessory for just a little bit of warmth with a light sweater. can't wait for spring to come here.
    such a great giveaway!

  11. SO fun!!!! Ok, so..

    My favorite "Spring thing" is fun fresh flowers (esp from the North Market!) to brighten up the house (and my mood). Just took a trip downtown to bring Spring indoors if nothing else... :)

    A close second is definitely being able to put away the bulky boots and stock up on Old Navy flops! Oh and I can't forget sunglasses!!!