Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Life, You Funny Thing

Whew. Does it seem like to anyone else 75% of my posts lately have been Tasty Tuesday's? I mean, props to myself (do the kids still say props??) for at least being consistent with that, but gosh, there is actually other stuff going on in my life.

As I mentioned in this post, I am taking the Soul Restoration class over at Brave Girls Club. When I am not working on cards and stuff for my Etsy shop (yeah, I haven't forgot about that), I have been working on my lessons for this. Again, it's amazing and I highly recommend it the next time they do it.

The husband and I also enjoyed an evening out that didn't involve Steak and Shake and a movie (which is our normal go-to night out), and went and saw Jim Norton at a local comedy club. I have been a fan since I used to listen to him on Opie and Anthony back in 2001 on my drive to and from school every day (I drove about an hour each way to school my freshman year of college). Getting to meet him was very exciting, and we got his autograph and the husband got his pic taken!

I have started a new fitness/eating routine (after I made the brownies for this weeks Tasty Tuesday, ha ha ha) and I am debating about sharing my journey here. Would you be interested? Would you find it helpful on your own journey? It would be similar to Tasty Tuesday, one day a week, sharing my highlights and low points and where I am at. Maybe I'll even do it just for me. I mean, I am a scrapbooker. I have to document pretty much everything. 

The husband might be starting a new job, which is very exciting for us. He has kind of been in limbo, job-wise, for the last year and a half, so the idea of him finding a permanent home is thrilling for the both of us. It's amazing how much of your life you have to put on hold when your job is just "temporary".

I have a fun day with the girls planned next weekend that I am sure I will share parts of here, or maybe not, depending on how it all goes down, ha ha. We can cause quite a raucous when we get together, truth be told.

And that is also like my new favorite phrase, "truth be told", although it's hardly new, and I always say it like Steve Carrell does in 40 Year Old Virgin.

I am just rambling now, so it's probably time for bed.

Peace out *g*

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  1. I would be interested in following your healthy lifestyle journey. I'm on one myself and enjoy the inspiration of others who are doing well with it!