Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Best Thing

So, I was gonna do this more regularly and just got away from it, but I am back and ready to share some of the best things I have heard, watched and read in the last couple weeks.

Best thing I watched: Take Me Home Tonight

I loved it. While I was going into it hoping for a good time, I knew that it probably wouldn't be the funniest thing I had seen. I was glad to say that I was not disappointed. Lots of Topher Grace, just enough 80s references without going over the top. Good times indeed.

Best thing I heard: Mike and Tom Eat Snacks

I am rarely listening to the radio (unless I'm in the hubby's car and listening to our satellite radio), so, other than the brief new update I get from my local NPR station, I'm pretty much glued to my IPod. When I am not feeling in the mood for music, I turn to one of the many podcasts I subscribe to and Mike and Tom Eat Snacks in one of my favorites! I first discovered Michael Ian Black when I watched Ed and have been a fan ever since, so a chance to listen him team back up with Tom Cavanagh and chat about whatever snack they are eating this week, well, how could I say no? I'll sit in my car and listen during lunch and laugh until I cry, and probably scare away any of my co-workers that happen to catch me in the act. Oh well, it's totally worth it.

Best thing I read: Pride and Prejudice

I've never read it before. Is that like a crime somewhere? To be 27/28 and to have not read it? I was 27 when I started reading it, but I turned 28 this past week. I didn't know which age to pick so your getting a little background into me, my age, my birthday, and my lack of having read one of the "classics". It is considered a classic, right? See, that's how out of it I am, I don't even know. I am enjoying it so far. The husband got me a Kindle for my birthday and I found it under the free book section, since I am indecisive and haven't been able to buy something with the gift card my in-laws gave me yet. 

Well, even thought I slept in this morning (first time in months, no joke), I am going to turn in early and enjoy some more Pride and Prejudice. Hope everyone has a nice week!

Peace out *g*

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