Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lovely Sunday

The last few weekends have been go, go, go. Pretty much since Christmas. Sure, there have been weekends here and there where we don't have anything specific to do, but there are errands to run and places to go, that always seem to come up last minute.

This weekend was going to be different, I told myself. We had to meet with our landlords realtor to sign our new lease and decided to grab a quick bit at Katzinger's Deli before hand.  During dinner, I made it known to the husband that once I came home from the gym and the grocery store the next morning, that I really didn't plan on going back our or doing much else the entire weekend, besides getting caught up on the magnitude of shows and movies that have been calling my name the past few weeks.

I was able to accomplish most of that this weekend. I left briefly last night to pick up a few things from the drug store and some dinner and today, while I have accomplished not having to go out, I have had a few more things to do around the house than originally planned. Dinner is cooking, dessert is done, floors have been vacuumed and swiffered. I should be able to enjoy the rest of the day, watching more shows and movies to my hearts content....or at least bedtime. This week will see more cards being made, valentines day being celebrated, and just doing more of what I have set out to do this year, enjoy.

Before I go and let you all get back to your Sunday afternoon plans, I want to leave you with this. The husband showed it to me yesterday and I love it. I am super excited to see Take Me Home Tonight and a music video with reference to some of my favorite 80's movies (and Topher grace doing a great Risky Business impersonation) just make me more excited for it.

Peace out *g*


  1. OH EM GEE That video ROCKS! There has to be a contest somewhere to name all the movie references. I know I missed a few... I'd have to watch that over and over again to get them all...some just flashes, like Can't Buy Me Love... and I think he does a darn good MJFox impression for Back to the Future!! Thanks for sharing CT! This made my night!

  2. PS> LOVED the I {heart} Ashton sticker/button on his shirt. :)